Where To Start...

This is basically a place for me to vent whatever I'm feeling, so if you want to give me advice leave the advice, if not follow me or look at a different blog. Peace Out!!!

My Feelings About You: The idea behind this

my friend posted and is doing something similar and it got me thinking, iv have been through so much shit that its about time i got some stuff off of my chest, yeah their never going to see this but it needs to be said. one per day thats all you will get, but please read what i have to say comment and stuff, if you know who this is about comment saying who and if its about you, well then now you know


Will it be awkward? Yes it will

Will I make it awkward? No

Why am i going? to see the band that i love, the band that i struggle to listen to now because of her, the one i will struggle to listen to when you fly away out of this country to the other side of the world.

Your probably not even going to read this cause you probably don’t realize that its me but look at my posts and take the hints i know you better than most.

3 Words… but what does the middle word mean

everyone knows the 3 words that i am talking about and everyone thinks those 3 words have to different meanings, but that is not the case and it never has been.

the simple fact is that no one understands the meaning of that second word.  most people say it to get what they want.  others say it cause that other person has said it to them.

What that word is meant to mean is you will do anything for that person you are saying it to, you care for them and that they are your world and the only person out there for you

The first line of this song explains the new me.

"I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego House"

Basically i haven’t had a good past and like everyone else i have made mistakes, but i can’t fix some of the mistakes i have made and i regret that.  So from now on its a new me and in a few months i will be going into a life where no one knows me so i will get the new start but before then i have things i have to fix and friendships to repair 

The Month or Her Name

Shes happy now with her new boyfriend so if you even think about fucking that up then your more of a dick than i first thought.  You have to get this fact into your head.  SHE IS OVER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i don’t understand why you honestly think you still have a chance their with her, yeah me and her never got on when yous were first got together but after that i never saw her half as happy as she is now so if you honestly think that she is going to follow you out there then mate your more of an idiot than i thought.

You break them up, then that will be more people you have lost as mates and eventually have no one left, and then she will find out the truth that you done it and you won’t even have her anymore

No Regrets?

No Regrets? No Regrets? 

How the fuck do you sleep at night mate.  All the shit you have put people through  and yet you don’t think about it, you claim to be caring and to be a nice guy who looks out for your mates.  Well to that i wave my bullshit flag, you seriously think you may have a chance of still being mates with them after what you did. 

Your a dick to even your closest mates and you don’t even realize it!!

Bad Luck

17 years, 13 days, 6 hours that is how long i have been dealing with my bad luck.  I have been through everything.  I have been to hell and back.  You were there for me, in many ways i think you still care deep down but you’ve fucked me over, you’ve fucked them over, and most of all you have fucked yourself over.

I was there i saw you do it but i stood by your side as you helped me through so much but now i regret it, I should have listened to everyone else telling me to leave you alone cause you fucked a lot of people over, and i didn’t and now your saying shit about leaving and never coming back.

So its simple you leave, the friendship we have had over the last 4 years is over.  But it won’t be me that misses you and comes looking for you when I need help.  It will be YOU! looking for me, looking for the person you abandoned.  So Good Luck out there and all the best.  My bad luck charm